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First pic done in Houdini and Mantra.
Second Houdini and Mantra pic, more of smoke and clouds.
Anpther test, how many hairs I could render. Renderer: 3Delight.
Actually test how various stuff works together, especially hair and subsurface scattering. Renderer: 3delight.
I've used only about twenty of direct lights. No environment image, no reflections, only specular highlights. Renderer: 3delight.
Test of what is called hit mode "primitive", together with ray-traced reflection. Renderer: 3delight.

A few methods of hair rendering. Classic light and point-based color bleeding, point-based IBL, direct lights. Renderer: 3delight.
Render - time CSG. Light rig of more than hundred direct lights. Renderer: 3delight.
Point-based color bleeding from constant shader, no one direct light. Renderer: 3delight.